The genesis of Radical Australia lies in track days and the majority of Radical owners hail from the ranks of road car enthusiasts who stepped up a notch to experience the amazing qualities of the track specific Radical Sportscar. Special attention has been given to securing exclusive Radical only track slots either within commercial track days or private track hire events.
NSW - Radical Events Corporate Track Days
An exclusive whole day track day sharing the Sydney Motorsport Park track exclusively with Radical Events. Groups cater for the Corporate / New Driver and instruction and coaching is available for all drivers throughout the day. Optional race starts and other RaceCraft exercises will be available upon request for those obtaining a CAMS license as part of the day.
Entertain Corporate guests or friends in the Corporate group, or if you are a newcomer to the world of Radical take advantage of the entry level group sessions where there is less pressure.
For more details please contact Tahlia Neilson
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