The genesis of Radical Australia lies in track days and the majority of Radical owners hail from the ranks of road car enthusiasts who stepped up a notch to experience the amazing qualities of the track specific Radical Sportscar. Special attention has been given to securing exclusive Radical only track slots either within commercial track days or private track hire events.
Regular track day sessions are available in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.
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NSW - ARDC Track Days
In 2015, at the home base of Radical Australia at Sydney Motorsport Park there will be regular monthly track days with exclusive sessions allocated to Radical Sportscars - an opportunity underwritten by Radical Australia to safeguard a regular presence.  These are conducted in the morning with 2 hours on track - 4 x 30 minute sessions, allowing the balance of the day for work or more driving experiences at Sydney Motorsport Park.  
Instructors are available and need to be pre-booked - as well as data engineer support to help improve driving skills and pin point areas for development.  
2015 track dates are as follows:
  • Tuesday Febuary 24th
  • Tuesday April 28th
  • Tuesday May 19th 
  • Wednesday July 15th 
  • Thursday August 13th
  • Wednesday October 14th
  • Tuesday December 1st - Gala Day
For more details please contact Tahlia Neilson - 
NSW - Radical Race School & Private Practice
In 2015, at the home base of Radical Australia at Sydney Motorsport Park there will also be three unique Radical RaceSchool days, geared specifically towards driver development and coaching of the Radical owner group. Each day involves 2 hours time on track with drivers of similar abilities & goals grouped with instructor James Winslow to focus on their preferred areas of development, in and out of the car. 
A CAMS license is not required to attend a Radical RaceSchool, however for those wishing to obtain a CAMS license the OLT can be undertaken on the day and the mock races provide the perfect example to do this. 
The Private Practice also allows people to come and hire the track for the morning, this can be for one person or a group. 
2015 RaceSchool & Private practice dates are as follows: 
  • Wednesday January 28th
  • Tuesday March 31st
  • Tuesday June 23rd
  • Wednesday September 23rd
  • Monday November 23rd
For more details please contact Tahlia Neilson -
NSW - Radical Events Corporate Track Days
An exclusive whole day track day sharing the Sydney Motorsport Park track exclusively with Radical Events. Groups cater for the Corporate / New Driver and instruction and coaching is available for all drivers throughout the day. Optional race starts and other RaceCraft exercises will be available upon request for those obtaining a CAMS license as part of the day.
Entertain Corporate guests or friends in the Corporate group, or if you are a newcomer to the world of Radical take advantage of the entry level group sessions where there is less pressure.
2015 corporate dates are as follows:
Robert Baird from Radical Team Melbourne arranges corporate events at Sandown Raceway, as well as co-ordinates established track day activity at Phillip Island & Winton for all Radical owners based in Victoria, or interstate owners wishing to experience a new circuit. Various opportunities exist, so if you wish to find out more please contact us. Some 2013 dates in Victoria is as follows:
Corporate Days
  • March TBC  - Sandown Raceway
  • August TBC - Sandown Raceway
  • November TBC - Sandown Raceway
Corporate days listed provide new potential Radical buyers the opportunity to hire or experience a hot lap.
Track Days
Radical's have access to regular Track Days at Phillip Island through On Track Events, and Winton Raceway's "Test and Tune" day most Friday's plus Motorsport Leasing Winton practice days on:

Regular track days are available at Lakeside, Queensland Raceway & Morgan Park.
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