The genesis of Radical Australia lies in track days and the majority of Radical owners hail from the ranks of road car enthusiasts who stepped up a notch to experience the amazing qualities of the track specific Radical Sportscar. Special attention has been given to securing exclusive Radical only track slots either within commercial track days or private track hire events.

The 2 seat configuration of the Radical SR3 allows instruction by professional coaches in either the driver or passenger seat.  Dual controls are an option allowing the trainer in the passenger seat to simultaneously access the brake and clutch, as well as having access to the engine kill switch.  Coupled with driver to passenger communications, the Radical set up allows for fast tracked learning.

Radical Australia do not directly provide training services but access best of class experts and professional driver trainers.  Private practice days are arranged to provide a forum for all levels of drivers.

Designated Race School days and special RaceCraft days are scheduled in NSW, and Masterclass sessions are also available in Queensland through Stokell Motorsport.

Off track coaching and training is available by request.  This includes data and video analysis.

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