26 September 2011

Strong sales of new vehicles plus the consistent sales of second hand cars has Radical Australia confident of strong further expansion in the Australian market in coming years.
32 Radicals have been sold locally since November 2010, including 18 brand new examples and 14 on the second hand market – primarily to new competitors looking to enter either state-based or the single-make, Radical Australia Cup enduro series.

Two of the new cars have been the highest-specification ‘SR8’ model with the balance the SR3 variants used in the successful Radical Australia Cup.

These numbers have helped make Radical Australia one of – if not the – biggest importer of racing cars into Australia in the past two years, contributing both to the local economy and the growth of the sport in Australia.

Radical Australia has also received ten orders for the recently announced ‘SR3 Cup’ model, with new vehicles set to arrive in Australia early in 2012 – ensuring there are now nearly 80 vehicles either on the ground in Australia or currently on order.

“We are very pleased to have sold 32 cars, new and second-hand, in less than a year in what are still challenging financial conditions,” Radical Australia’s Greg Smith said.

“The sales have taken us into a league where there is confidence in the category.

“The second-hand market is holding up exceptionally well and we have seen a majority of those vehicles being sold to people new to the category who are keen to join our existing customer base.

“A majority of the new vehicles coming into Australia are the result of existing owners upgrading cars to get the latest-specification vehicles for the Radical Australia Cup next year.”

With a strong presence in the New South Wales market the outcome of several years of steady growth, Radical Australia is now focussing on interstate markets, especially Queensland and Victoria.

Radical Australia recently appointed racing champion Paul Stokell as the Queensland distributor, with immediate results. Greg Murphy Racing serves as the Victorian distributor and will be the focal point of Radical marketing efforts in coming months to grow the local customer base.

“We have recently sold three second-hand cars into Queensland, to join the existing three already there,” Smith explained.

“Victoria has perhaps been a little bit slower than expected however we are working very hard in that market and it is the focus of a lot of efforts at the moment. However, with more than 80 cars in the country we are now reaching ‘critical mass’ with regards to our grid numbers for state series on the East Coast.  

Smith explained that the business was most pleased with the fact vehicles are continuing to be utilised at all levels of the sport.

“It is fantastic to see people purchasing cars and using them at all levels, be it state and club level motorsport or the Radical Australia Cup. It showcases how these cars can be utilised in a variety of different situations and provide the kind of affordable and competitive motorsport people want to experience.

“We are very excited about the potential growth and the level of interest people have in getting involved with Radical Australia. The sky really is the limit.”

Article by Richard Craill - Race Torque Media
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