Radical Clubman Cup: Round 6 - Eastern Creek
25 August 2011

Racers in Round 6 of the Radical Clubman Cup were greeted on arrival with heavy rain. That meant no chance of slick tyres; it was wets all day long with drivers even opting to wear their raincoats whilst driving!

The weather made it an interesting first-time race event for new CAMS licence

holders Peter White, John Corbett and Nic Stavropoulos who were each hoping for a dry track for their first race meeting.  Radical Clubman Cup and Track Day regulars Michael Shaw, Trevor Gerber, Andy Plummer and Chris Medland also were in attendance.


Both Q1 and Q2 were very interesting to watch as Michael Shaw and Trevor

Gerber pushed each other in the trying conditions to get the fastest lap.


All Radicals finished Q1 ahead of the other style sports cars in the Formula

Tasman/LeMans Sports category and did just as equally well in Q2. The

results from Q1 & Q2 positioned Michael Shaw in pole for Race 1 with Trevor

Gerber alongside him in second place ahead of the other five Radical



Race 1 saw lots of dicing, particularly between Shaw and Gerber, Medland

was consistent with both White and Stavropoulos following closely.


It was John Corbett's debut race in his Radical SR8RX (currently only

eligible to race in the iRace events).


Andy Plummer remained consistent through the terrible weather conditions and was kept it on the black stuff.


Analyzing the data from both Q1 and Q2 proved helpful when it came to

drivers decisions for both Race 1 and Race 2.


Trevor Gerber came 1st in Race 1, brilliant effort and one that would see

him start the final race (Race 2) in pole position. It also gave the lead in

the points to score a first place trophy!


Race 2 saw a slow start off the grid for Gerber but it didn't take him

long to work his way back through the field dicing back up the field with a synchronized ballerina-like spin on turn 9 with White and Medland.  Stavropoulos, Corbett and Plummer were lucky to escape whilst Shaw was far infront.


Plummer had a spin that forced him into the pits just before the last lap

which ended him with a DNF whilst Medland had a mechanical problem which

forced him out of the race on lap 7 with a DNF.


Stavropoulos, White and Corbett remained consistent in pushing out the

laps and each came home strong with Stavropoulos finishing fifth, White in

fourth and Corbett in third.


After an unfortunate start off the grid for Gerber he came home strongly,

finishing in second place.  Shaw's consistent effort put him in

first place.


The trophies for Round 6 were awarded to:

Michael Shaw and Trevor Gerber, equal first place

Peter White - second place

John Corbett Jnr - third place

With Peter White also taking home the Drivers Excellence Award for the round


Michael Shaw leads the Radical Clubman Cup championship on 200 points


Round 7 of the Clubman Cup will take place at Eastern Creek on Friday,

23rd September 2011

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