RXC V8 Scoops LMPX Victory At Britcar 24Hr
27 April 2015

Battling against four seasons in one day, Radical’s awesome RXC V8 scooped the Britcar Dunlop 24Hr LMPX Class victory at Silverstone this weekend.
The weather did all it could to make the 24Hr even more gruelling for the teams and drivers – in the Radical squad the four-driver pairing of Shahin Nouri, Laurence Wiltshire, Martyn Smith and Richard Roberts. Radical’s familiar yellow RXC V8 demonstrator was used for the event with just a few small tweaks for the rigours of running twice around the clock.

The pace of the RXC relative to the rest of the field was obvious from the outset, recording a 2:08.312 lap that was good enough for third on the grid. The opening stages of the race saw the RXC holding station at the head of the field, locked in a battle with the Porsche GT2 of Marco Schelp and leading after 75 minutes. Weather conditions at the 4pm start of the race were good, but this would change dramatically as day turned to night with a sudden heavy downpour. This was the start of rain that would last much of the night and make driving conditions extremely difficult.

Refuelling every hour into the night the Radical team continued to lap at a strong pace, until a sensor issue brought the car to a halt out on the circuit – the persistent rain had worked its way everywhere including the connections to the throttle control. The agonising wait for the car’s recovery was then followed by a frenzy of activity as the crew powered into rectifying the problem to get the car back out on-track. The sound of the engine starting once more was met by cheers in the garage, and we were back in the race, albeit now in 20th and with ground to recover.

Safety car periods through the night as other teams fell by the wayside made progress frustrating but the drivers did a fantastic job to keep the car on the blacktop and lapping at a safe yet competitive pace. By dawn the team were back up to 13th and setting the fastest laps of all the remaining cars, as rival team LNT battled to get their LMP3 back on track with fire damage.

More ground was recovered over the course of the day, with Radical taking the class lead at midday from the Peter Cook Audi R8. With three hours remaining the RXC was up to seventh overall and maintained all the way to the chequered flag – turning in the fastest laps of the whole event, even faster than it had in qualifying. The car crossed the line just after 4pm for a hard-fought and emotional class win, the car lapping as fast as ever right to the finish, in full health after over 1,800 miles of hard racing.

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Image credits: David Lord/Dave Ayres/Picturesports
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