16 November 2011

RADICAL AUSTRALIA has reaffirmed its position in Australia by today confirming details surrounding the 2012 Radical Australia Cup.

The Radical Australia Cup is based on the international rules and regulations adopted by Radical for various series throughout the world. The series has confirmed a seven-round national series to be held across three states, featuring four rounds with the Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championships.

Three additional rounds will be held at non-Shannons Nationals events including the Phillip Island 6 hour, Eastern Creek 8 hour and ARDC Sportscar carnival, also at Eastern Creek. The series will race at the Sydney base of Radical Australia four times, Phillip Island twice and will make its debut at Queensland Raceway.

The series will again feature a mixture of Enduro (2x15 minute sprint races and one 1x50 minute endurance) and Biduro (2x50 minute endurance races) and will be open to single and dual driver teams. Each 50-minute race will require a compulsory pit stop.

The series will feature national television and will be supported by MPA Projects.

The prize for the Radical Australia Cup 2012 series winner will be a fully-funded race seat, airfare and accommodation to compete in one round of the 2013 Radical Masters Series event in Europe.

“The announcement of our plans for the 2012 Radical Australia Cup show how serious Radical Australia is to the continued growth and development of the series, now in its third year,” said Radical Australia’s Greg Smith.

“The model we run here in Australia is identical to the one that has proved successful for Radical in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the world. The series does not rely on sponsorship or manufacturers support to survive as the series is self-sufficient and viable via the drivers, who all own their own cars.

“We are very excited about the plans implemented for next season and we are confident of averaging more than 20 cars per round.”

Radical Australia will continue to offer the same level of factory support to the Radical Australia Cup including corporate hospitality, driver coaching / support, technical and engineering assistance, amongst the wide array of support in place.

Radical Australia has also introduced several new sporting regulations designed to enhance competition throughout the season, and balance performance between professional and amateur drivers.

Pro/Am driving combinations will receive a two-minute pit stops during races, whilst amateur only combinations will remain at one-minute duration. Meanwhile, the top three finishers in each fifty-minute enduro will receive a handicap in the following race, corresponding to their finishing position.

The winner will receive 12 seconds, second 8 and third 4 seconds, to be served throughout the subsequent race.

Meanwhile, grids will be decided on an amalgamated time derived from both qualifying sessions contested.

Controlled braking components, suspension spring rates and a minimum weight of 660kg will ensure performance equality and cost containment amongst competitors.

Radical Australia will also continue to support state level competitors whilst also conducting a separate mini-series in Victoria, a key growth market for Radical Australia.


1.     Eastern Creek, NSW (Shannons Nationals) March 9-11

2.     Phillip Island, VIC (Phillip Island 6 Hour) April 28-29

3.     Eastern Creek, NSW (ARDC) May 26-27

4.     Eastern Creek, NSW (Shannons Nationals) July 13-15

5.     Queensland Raceway, QLD (Shannons Nationals) Aug 10-12

6.     Phillip Island, VIC (Shannons Nationals) Sep 21-23

7.     Eastern Creek, NSW (ARDC) Nov 3.

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