28 October 2012

THE final round of the 2012 Radical Australia Cup was won by Tony Palmer at Sydney Motorsport Park last weekend. In yet another RAC round that had just about everything, Neale Muston celebrated his title with a sprint race win whilst series newcomer, former international-aussie Nathan Antunes, won his very first race in the category, and one competitor donated his car to another.

The one-day meeting featured five sessions packed into a tight program and it was Antunes who struck first, winning the first sprint race, with Neale Muston and Peter Johnston just behind.

Muston struck back in the second sprint with a nine-second win over Oliver Smith, with Tony Palmer third.

Palmer was fortunate to be on the grid at all, after his car required an engine change post-qualifying that looked to rule him out of contention for at least the first sprint race – if not more of the event.

However in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Tilton interiors-backed driver Kosta Pohonukov donated his car to Palmer for the first race that allowed him to take the starter.

Palmer’s own car was repaired for the second race however despite a stunning 90-minute engine change by the Radical Australia Works Team (a new record), he had to race without the benefit of paddle shifters, instead using the ‘stick’ shift for the duration of the second sprint.

A typically dramatic 50-minute endurance race again threw plenty of variables at teams and drivers as they negotiated the Sydney Motorsport Park ‘North’ circuit.

RAC champion Muston was lucky that he had already sealed the title before the race begun as his car broke a driveshaft on the race start, forcing him out of the race and bringing out the Safety Car.

Nathan Antunes also stalled at the line, however when the race resumed it was Peter Johnston the one out in front and building a comfortable lead before the pit stop shuffle began.

Peter Paddon then assumed the race lead as he continued his standout weekend – having only passed his racing license test in July this year, before taking part in state series rounds with small grids prior to his RAC debut at the weekend.

He would prove unlucky when the second safety car caught him out prior to his Pitstop, dropping him down to an eventual sixth-place finish in the feature (and fifth for the round) overall.

Through it all emerged Palmer – who rebounded brilliantly from the dramas earlier in the day to take the victory ahead of Simon Haggarty and Peter White, who won the masters division and as such took his place on the podium with the round winners.

Johnston finished fourth, Andrew MacPherson fifth and Paddon sixth after leading mid-race.

Trevor Gerber was an impressive seventh on his Radical Australia Cup debut – a regular drive-day participant stepping up for the first time at the weekend.

Antunes and Nick Stavropoulos teamed up to finish eighth, with Tony Haggarty ninth.

Robert Baird and Garry Walker from Melbourne rounded out the Top-10 in their first trip ‘north of the border’, representing Radical Team Melbourne.

The one-day Sydney event concluded the most competitive year of Radical Australia Cup action yet, with 2013 plans to be confirmed in due course. 



1. Neale Muston 404
2. Tony Palmer 377
3. Simon Haggarty 347
4. Peter Johnston 325
5. Glyn Edis 242
6. Andrew Macpherspon 237



1. Andrew Macpherson 189
2. Tony Haggarty 163
3. Peter White 131
4. Greg Smith 131
5. Richard Bloomfield 129

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