26 June 2014

The second round of the NSW Supersports championship held at Sydney Motorsport Park coincided with the Winter solstice. As the category decided again to run all three races in one day they would be hard pressed to run the final race of the meet in daylight hours. The ELMOFO electric car that made its debut during the first round in May was a welcome return as was an increased grid size. 13 cars took to the track for early morning qualifying, the field consisted of 8 Radical SR3, 2 Stohr, 1 Chiron, 1 West and the amazing electric Radical.

As the lights went out to commence the first race, Alexander Kenny made a wonderful start to lead the pack into turn 2. Proctor followed him in second. Barlow on the other hand, made a poor start and found himself in fifth place behind the Radical of Josh Hunt and the ELMOFO of Garth Walden. The leading duet of Kenny and Proctor built up a gap to the three trailing cars. It was noticeable that Proctor had the  faster machine but Kenny drove great lines in the corners and used the power in the straights to stay head.

Walden in third position showed great speed holding Hunt and Barlow back, he remained in third place until lap 4 but unfortunately the experimental cars retired. It was clear that Proctor would have some stiff opposition from Kenny for the remainder of the day.

Again with the short turn around between races, cars that had problems in the first race would have limited time to service the cars, this affected the No#7 electric car more than others. The start of the second race was similar to the first with Kenny making a great start and Proctor close behind him. Walden also made a rapid start going from last place on the grid to 7 th position by the first lap, but this is as far as it got slowing down to retire again.

While Proctor and Kenny were dicing for the lead Peter Paddon was in a healthy 3 rd position holding Barlow at bay. On the third lap Barlow got through Paddon and commenced chasing the leaders who held a comfortable margin. The dice between Kenny and Proctor was as intense as the first race. On the penultimate lap Proctor got by and went on to win by two seconds from Kenny. Barlow again finished 3 rd .

The third and final race of the day was held late afternoon, with long wintery shadows blanketing part of the track, and it would be interesting how the cars would handle cooler conditions. Kenny again got away brilliantly taking the lead closely followed by Proctor and Barlow. It looked like a repeat of the two previous races, this time Barlow was closer to the front and was actually in 2 nd position at the end of the first lap. Walden in the electric car also made a brilliant start going from last to 5 th position during the opening lap.

Unfortunately the car expired on lap four, one small consolation is that this is the first time the cars was able to start 3 races in one day. Kenny at front build up a small lead and for the first time today he had a healthy margin from his pursuers. By lap five the two Stohr’s of Proctor and Barlow were right up his exhaust pipe and that’s when they pounced. Kenny made a wide entry into the hairpin and Barlow edged along inside. Kenny’s race   turned for the worst with and other mistake at turn four dropping him further down and eventually finishing in 7 th . But one driver’s misery in another’s fortune, Hunt seized the moment going into third position. While this was happening there was a healthy mid pack battle between Rowan Ross, Greg Smith and Aaron Lewis.

At chequered flag Proctor was triumphant winning 3 from 3. Barlow crossed the line second but was relegated to third due to a false start penalty; this gave second to a persistent Hunt.

It was great to see a larger field of cars and the continued effort on the electric cars experiment. Supersports have become a progressive category with a bright future.


1 ST Greg Smith…………………..99pts

2 nd Rowan Ross………………….83pts

3 rd Josh Conroy………………………82pts


1 ST Adam Proctor………………….86pts

2 nd Darren Barlow………………..77pts

3 rd Paul Palmer……………………..70pts


1st Rowan Ross……………….101pts

2nd Greg Smith………………..100pts

3rd George Davis……………..93pts

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