14 September 2011

As a Newcomer to racing a high-downforce, slick-tyred and high performance Radical SR3 racer, you would expect former Formula Vee racer Nathan Brumby to tell you it's taken him a long time to 'learn the ropes'.
Except that three races into his Radical career, the New South Wales based businessman has quickly come to terms with his new racing adventure as a member of the works team, competing in the Radical Australia Cup and New South Wales state competition.

A long-time fan of cars and all things motorsport, Victorian-born Brumby began racing several years ago in Formula Vee and raced competitively at both a state and national level.

However he quickly wanted a change to something more cost effective, more fun, faster and, importantly, easier to manage around his busy working schedule.

A meeting with Radical Australia whilst investigating opportunities saw him purchase a Radical SR3 racer to drive and resulted in him finishing strongly in the last two rounds of the 2011 Radical Australia Cup, driving an Ansarada-supported Works team car.

“First and foremost, I wanted something reliable to race because I was sick of rushing to a race meeting from work to try and enjoy it, only to blow an engine or gearbox during Friday practice and have to pack up,” Brumby said.

“Secondly, I was looking for a package where a lot of the details were already taken care of. In Radicals they even fill out your entry form for you so you don’t have to be standing around at Document check first thing on Friday morning! Everything is organised so you can arrive at the circuit and know that the car is ready to go.

“Finally I was keen to experience something that was technically advanced and had great performance. My car has paddle shifts, triple-adjustable shocks and a lot of brilliant technology that I really enjoy learning about.

“I wanted the pure racing experience and I think I’ve found it.”
Brumby said he was surprised at just how fast the Radical SR3 he now drives really was when he first took to the circuit at Eastern Creek.

“To go there and be only two seconds off the V8 lap record on my first visit and first drive in the car was outstanding,” he enthused.

“The cars have incredible performance. You pull 2Gs at 225km/hr through turn one at Eastern Creek and there are very few categories where you can get that kind of experience.
“On a cost-per-lap and performance basis I don’t think you can go any better. It’s the ultimate.”

Radical Australia prides themselves on their customer service and providing the complete package to drivers, with works team drivers like Brumby gaining access to data analysis from each session and even a warranty on the engine.

“They (Radical Australia) have identified a very clear niche in the market and have filled it very well,” he explained.

“For a guy like me to come along and it to be made so easy to compete is one of the reasons why the class is booming. The fact that I get to compare my data with guys like Tim Macrow is a bonus and really helps improve my driving and make me quicker each time I get in the car.

“The guys have a passion for the sport and it’s reflected in the way the entire category operates. I looked around at other categories and saw what some people were spending to go significantly slower than we do in the Radicals and it made more and more sense to do this.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Article by Richard Craill - Race Torque Media
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