01 February 2012

INTRODUCING the delivery of the 10 NEW 2012 Radical CUP cars to the land down under!
On Tuesday 17th January we welcomed the brand new 2012 Radical CUP cars to Eastern Creek International Raceway!

The 2012 Radical SR3 CUP cars have been developed specifically for Radical Australia.

Perfect timing had the order of the 10 pre-purchased cars depart the UK factory early December 2011 for the sea voyage down under with an arrive date of 16th January.

Not only did the ship dock on time but the cars were all cleared from Customs and on loaded onto trucks to Eastern Creek within 24 hours.  An amazing turnaround.

The UK head of Technical Services, Derek White from the Radical UK factory flew over to Australia last week to assist Garth Walden and his team of mechanics with the delivery preparation and shakedown of all cars.

Some drivers got a taste of their new CUP cars at the first Track Day of 2012 at Eastern Creek last Thursday, 27th January.

Look out for the CUP cars on track in 2012, starting at Round 1 of the Radical Australia Cup March 9th-11th at Eastern Creek Raceway, NSW.

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