Irrespective of which model you choose the unmistakable howl of a hi-revving Radical engine on full throttle will prickle the hairs on the back of your neck.

The source of that wonderful noise is Radical's unique range of hi-performance engines, assembled and rebuilt by Radical's internal race engine division, Radical Perfomance Engines.

RPE have developed their four-cylinder superbike powerplants to give drivers the experience of their lives - all of which give extreme, reliable power. These remarkable lightweight units have to withstand greater cornering forces than they would on the road, so RPE have designed and developed a dry sump and scavenge system - unique to Radical - which enables the motor to endure loadings as high as 3G.

The latest Radical Perfomance Engines RP development of the V8 series of engines is a joint development between Radical and RPE; the engine is the most powerful, compact lightweight V8 on the market, and has been extensively developed for maximum reliability in extreme racing conditions. Over 150 RP units have been built to date, all benefiting from an F1 style crankcase design as well as MotoGP cylinder head technology. The engine also features four integral oil scavenge pumps, and it produces unrivalled levels of performance and reliability.

In conjunction with transmission specialists, Quaife Engineering, Powertec have also developed a range of transmission systems for the SR range. The lightweight RPE Chain Drive System in the SR4 CS incorporates the Quaife Automatic Torque-Biasing Differential (ATBD), with a unique reversing system, while the Powerdrive Gear Drive System developed for the SR3 RS, also boasts an ATBD, plus a reversing gear layshaft and easily-swappable gear ratios, to suit different circuits.

An RPE Ptec six-speed transaxle was designed specifically for the SR8 RX, and it incorporates the ATBD, interchangeable gear ratios and an integral oil cooling pump.

Any car in the SR range may be specified with the extraordinary RPE PS1 electro-pneumatic paddleshift system, which enables incredible seamless gear shifts up and down the gearbox at the flick of a finger. The combined autoblipper allows the driver to flat-shift on the way up through the gears, and downshift without using the clutch. It’s very F1.

Without question Radical Perfomance Engines produce the ultimate range of lightweight race engines and when they are installed in Radical’s SR chassis, they create a package that’s literally unbeatable, and such is Radical’s confidence in their reliability; they offer an extended warranty unmatched by any other manufacturer.

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