A high level of skill and craftsmanship are the vital qualities all Radical engineers, technicians and support staff possess, for without these core talents it would be impossible to produce the products at such a high standard.

All Radicals are built at the company’s 30,000sq.ft. Peterborough factory, and the vast majority of the components –from the chassis to engine internals - are manufactured on-site. Quality control of any bought-in item is also closely monitored and checked before it is fitted to a car.

With three to four cars in build every week, teamwork is essential. Once a customer order is processed, internal orders are placed for the bodywork and engine, the remaining components are picked from an extensive stores inventory.

A team of skilled craftsmen fabricate the chassis, suspension, sub frames and crash box, while machined parts that include the hubs, uprights, engine components, even the complete crankcase assembly for the Powertec RPV8, are manufactured by Radical’s in-house engineering division.

Lightweight body parts, underbody aerodynamics, rear wings, dashboards and seats are manufactured in GRP or carbon-reinforced-composite, by a team of highly-skilled laminators and finishing staff. The high-gloss gelcoat finish they produce is ideal for the rigours of track use, it ensures a perfect finish, available in a wide range of colours – it’s cost-effective for repairs too.

The final assembly process is carried out by a dedicated team of technicians and in the final stage the team add any requested graphics, set up the suspension to suit individual customer’s requirements and put the car through its paces on the Radical rolling road.

One of the advantages of such a large factory is that the works race team can operate from the same facility, and this ensures that a constant transfer of skills and knowledge can filter from racetrack to assembly line.

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