Les Vingt-quatres Heures du Mans is without question the world's greatest sportscar race, it's the endurance classic.

Each 8.5 mile lap is an ultra high speed test of man and machine. Just completing the race is an extraordinary achievement, but if you are the world's most prolific sports-racer manufacturer you have to do more than that. And so, in 2006 the Radical SR9 was born.

With the design taken from drawing board to completion in less than 12 months, the SR9 proved immediately competitive, and completed the race on its debut - narrowly missing out on an LMP2 podium place. The triumph didn't go unnoticed, it was voted 'Car of the Year' by Motors TV, and was the talk of the event. It was an incredible technical achievement for such a young business.

To achieve this success Radical produced its own carbon-composite chassis and developed state-of-the-art aerodynamics, whilst sticking rigidly to its value-for-money philosophy. The SR9 chassis can be powered by a range of engines, and has competed in every one of the last five 24 hour races.

In all, six chassis have been completed, and even now, five years on from the SR9's inception, these incredible cars are still racing competitively in Europe and the USA. Finishing in the top 20 (overall) at Le Mans in 2010, with a team new to endurance racing - the SR9 is the ideal cost-effective car for Le Mans Prototype racing.

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