The Radical way means thinking outside the box, a process that breeds innovation and sets the company and its products apart from the rest.

One of the key players central to this methodology is Radical’s chief designer, Nick Walford, who has been with the company since its birth. No area of the SR range’s design has escaped his intuitive design influence.

Among his many achievements, Nick masterminded the revolutionary cantilever suspension system employed on all SR cars. The ingenious pushrod/rocker system reduces weight and endows the SR range with precise, predictable handling. The anti-roll link which forms an integral part of the system is named the ‘Nik-Link’, in deference to him.

Radical’s philosophy of continually breaking new ground has brought FIA levels of safety to club racing, through the strength of each model’s integral safety cell, along with a deformable front crash structure and a collapsible steering column. Radical’s spaceframe design equals the standards met by carbon-chassis Le Mans cars, proved by putting the cars through the same demanding test at Cranfield University’s Formula 1 benchmark facility.

Nothing is ever left to chance, everything is always fully tested - even Radical’s alloy wheels are designed in-house and have been independently certified to the most demanding German TüV standards.

Attention to innovative detail extends beyond the safety measures. Every Radical model has undergone extensive testing in MIRA’s full-scale wind tunnel to maximise downforce and improve cooling for hot climates while minimising drag. It’s this fine tuning and a desire to reach exacting standards that has ensured the SR range of sportscars outperform all their rivals, whatever the conditions.

Furthermore Radical work with leading industry partners, who are all experts in their fields. Intrax Suspension have developed and tested a bespoke spring and damper assembly exclusively for Radical, while Quaife are Radical’s longtime drivetrain technical partner, assisting with the design and construction of all Radical drivetrains.

Shell Racing Solutions offer a package of fuels and lubricants tailored to Radical’s needs, and all cars are delivered with an advanced design of Dunlop tyre specific to Radical, designed to match the extreme performance of the SR range.

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